Meet the Brown's...

Meet the Brown’s, a family that God has called to plant a church in Ferguson, Missouri. Chris and Kaitlin are both born and raised in Florida. While in Florida, Chris was a twelve year old bus kid that went to Central Baptist Church in Ocala, Florida. Kaitlin was invited to church by a friend when she was eleven. She attended Shilo Baptist church in Clearwater, Florida until she left for college.



Happily Ever After...

Both Chris and Kaitlin attended West Coast Baptist College in the fall of 2013. After fours years, they graduated in May of 2017. That same month they got married in Florida then moved to Saint Charles, Missouri to be apart of City Light Baptist Church. Their Goal is to plant a church in Ferguson, Missouri by February 24, 2019


Called to Plant

We are doing things a little differently, starting in August we will be doing a weekend deputation.  We will be visiting like minded churches for  support and to present   our ministry. We would love for those who visit this site to not only support us but have us to your church so we can share the vision and burden with your church. You can connect with us by email or phone and from there we can set a date and time. Thank for your time and  interest in the work of the Lord

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